Text Messages and the Law

Whether you are an attorney practitioner or not, it seems that advances in technology are a double-edged sword and are creating more avenues for communication as well as miscommunication. The question presented was whether text messages can bind us to legal obligations? The short answer for this real estate matter was yes.

Here is the link: http://massrealestatelawblog.com/2016/05/08/omg-text-messages-may-form-binding-real-estate-contract-land-court-rules/

The thought for the day is that while technology may seem like a helpful shortcut, courts are carefully looking at text messages to decipher the intent of parties. What you text in haste may now create legal issues against your interest at a later date not just for the real estate deal you’re involved with but for others that may include a pending divorce, custody issues or the defense of a criminal action. Anything you text to another person may be used against you in a court of law and therefore taking adequate time to properly assess the content of the text message may be a good starting point to safeguarding yourself. The message you don’t send may be the best message of all!

Per Diem Services thanks Rich Vetstein, Esq. of the Vetstein Law Group, P.C. for providing a timely analysis of this recent real estate matter with a link to the instant court decision at bar.

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