Per Diem Services FAQ

Per Diem Services: Frequently Asked Questions

Per Diem Services has taken great pride in offering the widest range of per diem attorney services in the legal community that will put your mind at ease when you need an appearance covered. Our standards and reputation amongst fellow attorneys are to treat your case as if it were our own or even better! If we can resolve your matter in one appearance, we’ll do it! Our aim is to help you move your cases towards resolution rather than merely adjourn cases over and over without progress.

Cancellation Policy
Are there additional charges for submitting documents and directives after 5pm EST?

Yes, documents and directives must be received before 5pm EST to avoid additional costs. The additional cost is $50 per order.

How do I place a Per Diem Services order?

Use the “Appearance Order Form” and fill out the order form.

  • Your order is not complete until you use the “Complete My Order” button at the bottom of the Appearance Order Form.
  • After you submit your order, you will be re-directed to a page that acknowledges your order with a unique order number.
  • You will also receive a confirmation email with the same order number and information you submitted
    • If you don’t receive your confirmation email, check your spam folder.
  • If you note an errors on your confirmation email, contact our office immediately at 516.295.2237 to correct and clarify your information
  • Once your order has been submitted, additional documents may be forwarded to or by fax to 516.295.2260.

In the event that original documents need to be forwarded, kindly call our office in advance so that we can provide instructions for USPS mail, overnight courier or messenger service. We will designate the appropriate location for receipt of your documents at the office of the handling attorney.

What is the billing process?

As a new Per Diem Services client, you will be asked to complete our secure, online billing information form (securely hosted and managed by MerchantOne). When submitting your billing information (credit card or ACH), you will not be immediately invoiced. By completing the form, you are safely transmitting your billing information where it will be safely stored for future use and billing efficiency.

Once your project details have been submitted and scheduled by the Per Diem Services staff, we shall only then create and invoice and process it using the information submitted.

Any questions? Never hesitate to call or write Per Diem Services

Are there cancellation fees?

Any downstate appearance or hearing for New York City or Long Island or Westchester that is canceled after 4:00 PM for the following day will be assessed the full appearance rate for the order placed. Appearances or hearings ordered after 4:00 PM for the following day that are subsequently canceled will be assessed the full appearance or hearing rate. A local downstate EUO, hearing or 50-H for New York City or Long Island that is canceled, busted or rescheduled shall be charged in accordance with the Per Diem Services rate schedule. Attorneys who are waiting for more than half an hour for parties, counsel or a reporter when the deposition busts will be assessed the full rate for that particular matter. In the event a deposition or hearing busts in Long Island, Westchester or Richmond, the location fee will be charged as well. Depositions that are canceled, busted, or rescheduled shall be charged in accordance with the Per Diem Services rate schedule. All orders for any appearance or deposition in Upstate or Outside New York State are deemed special orders. In the event of a cancellation, reschedule or bust that occurs at 3:00 PM the day prior to the scheduled matter, a cancellation charge for the full cost of the matter will be charged to your account. Any special orders placed the day prior to the appearance past 3:00 PM are deemed rain-or-shine orders and will be charged the full cost of the matter in the event of any cancellation, reschedule or bust. Any appearance, hearing or deposition that is cancelled at any time before the full cancellation rates apply, will be charged 50% of the cost of the matter. In the event of an official court closing due to a snowstorm or other inclement weather condition, a credit or refund shall be issued to your account for any appearance. Same day court appearance requests that are submitted are rain or shine fees for the full cost of the matter in the event of a cancellation. Same day or regular appearance requests where the ordering party has submitted the incorrect date, time or location for the appearance will be charged the full appearance rate plus an additional appearance rate for the correct location. A confirmation email will be sent to your office for each order. Please check your orders for any discrepancy and contact our office immediately should any changes be required. In the event, you have not received a confirmation email, please contact our office immediately to confirm receipt of the order and upon request, an additional copy of your order submission will be forwarded as well. I acknowledge I have read the Per Diem Services rate schedule and agree to be bound by the published rates. Cancellations must be in writing and sent to which include the tracking number, case name, and date of appearance.

How do I know an order has been received and assigned?

After an order has been submitted, Per Diem Services will provide an order tracking number with case caption to you by email. Kindly place a call to Per Diem Services office (516) 295-2237 to confirm receipt of an online order as well as your directives and documents sent via facsimile or PDF.

Do I need to call assigned attorneys prior to the appearance?

Per Diem Services requires all directives and instructions to be in writing.  By putting all directives in writing, Per Diem Services’s assigned attorneys know exactly what your instructions are and we have a paper trail for it as well. On occasion, it may be necessary for an attorney to call after your documents have been reviewed or from court if a new question or issue arises. Our Per Diem Attorneys exercise their best appropriate judgment to keep your office informed of important developments as they may arise.

When can I anticipate an appearance report?

Per Diem Services policy is to forward court appearance reports within a reasonable period of one (1) business day. Deposition reports may take from 7-10 days to complete. Reports are generally sent by email to your office. If you are missing a report please contact us immediately by phone or by email. Per Diem Services will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.  If we have not heard from your office after a report is sent, it will be presumed that it was received. Nevertheless, you may always call upon us for another courtesy copy. Records of reports or orders are kept within a reasonable period of time and then shredded if there are no further appearance requests on that matter.

What methods of payment are accepted?

Per Diem Services accepts credit cards including VISA, MC, Discover and American Express.

At the time each order is processed, a digital receipt for the matter and cost shall be emailed to your office.

Payments must be affiliated with law firms, not third party accounts unrelated to the practice.

Are late orders or same day appearance requests available?

Yes. An order submitted after 5:00 P.M for the following day is deemed a late order and will be assessed a $50.00 late order charge. Expedited same day requests, although short notice, can usually be assigned but are assessed a $75.00 same day order charge as well. Depositions ordered after 5:00 pm the previous day or same day requests are assessed a $125.00 charge.

Upstate orders after 5 pm or Same-Day orders: Add 100.00

What if my morning appearance continues into the afternoon. Will there be an additional cost?

Yes. A morning court appearance that continues into the afternoon will be charged twice for both the morning and afternoon session.

I need an appearance covered but it is in a distant upstate location or it is a complex matter and I do not see it listed on the rate schedule on the order page. How much will the appearance cost?

Please contact Per Diem Services office and we will evaluate the type of matter and provide you with a general fee quote.  The quote may be subject to an increase if the matter is later discovered to be different than what was initially described or requested. Contingencies such as a deposition that is advised to take no longer than 2 hours but in fact features an undisclosed interpreter,  a client that is 2 hours late, or additional parties or is a full day of service i.e 3:00 pm are some examples that may amend the cost. We will attempt to alert you with that amended information if possible as circumstances change. Depositions that exceed the full day time frame of 3:00 pm will be billed an additional 125.00 per hour until completion that day.

I have original documents that must be presented at the time of the appearance. Where do I send them?

For orders that have original documents, please place these orders with at least three (3) days notice and we will direct you where to send the original papers. In cases where there is less time, we will advise with respect to alternate arrangements such as pick up or messenger. All costs pertaining to shipment or messenger are the responsibility of the firm. All documents that are sent to our counsel directly sent via FedEx must include a waiver for a signature at the time of delivery.