Summer Schedule

Per Diem Services Inc. hopes everyone had a meaningful Memorial Day Weekend. With Summer just around the corner, now is the best time for you and your staff to prepare for your vacation by coordinating your court calendar with our office for your upcoming appearances and depositions. We’ve had instances in the past of receiving calls from counsel while on exotic trips from beaches near and far. It would not surprise us to one day receive a call from counsel while on safari! That would be adventurous and a story for the ages! We’d like to recommend a few moments now to prepare together for your time away from the office and ordering is just a few keystrokes away! Call us today at 516.295.2237 or order online at

We appreciate your continued trust and confidence in our services.

Bon Voyage, Counsel!

Samson Freundlich, Esq.
CEO Per Diem Services, Inc.