Joan Rivers and Better Attorney Practices

Joan-Rivers-2010The tragic death of Joan Rivers was a shock to all of us and its subsequent investigation made us all wonder what went wrong? The short answer was a lot of things and perhaps conduct so egregious and disturbing, the defendant doctors wanted to settle this matter as quickly as possible.

The tragedy and settlement of this matter, which was undisclosed to the public, has left a timely lesson for all practitioners of personal injury and medical malpractice to follow that attorney Eric Turkewitz  has artfully discussed in his new feature piece in the New York Personal Injury Blog:

“Over the years I’ve had a few occasions to take my own to task over crappy lawyering. Today, however, is not one of those days. If I’m going to spend time skewering bad stuff, I should also laud the good stuff.

Following the death of Joan Rivers, during a routine endoscopy in 2014 at a small private clinic, her daughter Melissa went out and hired counsel to investigate and bring suit.”

To read the full piece, please follow this link:


Per Diem Services salutes Ben Rubinowitz, Esq and Jeffrey Bloom, Esq of Gair, Gair, Conason, Rubinowitz, Bloom, Hershenhorn, Steigman & Mackauf not merely for their expedient settlement results but for the greater lesson and example for attorneys everywhere.

Thank you to Eric Turkewitz for shining his magnifying glass on better practices, where attorneys can all benefit and learn from.