Attorney Dilemma

What do you do when you’re about to hit your surf board in Hawaii and suddenly realize you have a court appearance date in New York County today that you forgot about? You’re a solo practitioner who has finally taken a desperately needed vacation after a long difficult year and don’t know what to do.
Some options:

A. Jump on your surf board and forget about what you just remembered. Ride the waves and evade sharks like a champion!

B. Call your adversary if you have their number and apologize for wasting their entire morning in court. Pray to the Sun Gods your case doesn’t get marked off or you get sanctioned by the court due to an impassioned plea for justice from your adversary.

C. Call the court and request an¬†adjournment because of an inadvertent court calendar mistake in your office. Explain that you can’t come in because you’re surfing in Hawaii. Pray for sympathy.

D. Call your new best friends at Per Diem Services Inc. at 516.295.2237 to request an immediate same day court appearance. Order with confidence from your laptop or mobile device by your beach chair. Have your appearance handled professionally by us with a report emailed to your I-phone before you’ve even finished riding the waves and are facing your new biggest challenge of preferably obtaining an ice cold refreshing Dos Equis. Why settle for less? You’re Welcome!