Per Diem Services Coverage

Summer Schedule Per Diem Services Inc. hopes everyone had a meaningful Memorial Day Weekend. With Summer just around the corner, now is the best time for you and your staff to prepare for your vacation by coordinating your court calendar with our office for your upcoming appearances and depositions. We've had instances in the past [...]

Text Messages and the Law

Text Messages and the Law Whether you are an attorney practitioner or not, it seems that advances in technology are a double-edged sword and are creating more avenues for communication as well as miscommunication. The question presented was whether text messages can bind us to legal obligations? The short answer for this real estate [...]

End Wrongful Convictions

Wrongful Convictions "Members of the Central Park Five, who as teenagers were wrongfully convicted of a 1989 rape due to false confession, have launched the#EndNYWrongfulConviction with the Innocence Project in an effort to move long-stalled state legislation that would prevent the top contributors to wrongful conviction in New York State: false confession and misidentification. [...]

Notable Case Before New York Court of Appeals

Significant Appeal of Interest May a court deprive you of your rights to custody or visitation of your children without due process of a hearing? The short answer would appear to be no, but that has not been the practice in many courts in New York State. How can this be? As astounding as [...]

Per Diem Services Saves The Day!

Attorney Dilemma What do you do when you're about to hit your surf board in Hawaii and suddenly realize you have a court appearance date in New York County today that you forgot about? You're a solo practitioner who has finally taken a desperately needed vacation after a long difficult year and don't know [...]

Dr. Michael Katz Litigation

Dr. Michael Katz Litigation Judge Kern dismisses defamation action in favor of Turkewitz & Freundlich. As many of you are aware, a defamation action was brought by Dr. Michael Katz against Eric Turkewitz and myself for blog posts that related to legal proceedings that occurred before Justice Duane Hart in Supreme Queens. The significance [...]