Court Are Opening!

Dear Counsel, Following the latest message from Chief Judge DiFiore which announced judges and court staff returning, Forrest & Bubba would like to inform you of just some of the many courts our attorneys appear for: There's... Supreme Court Civil Court Federal Court Surrogates Court Traffic Court Court of Claims Small Claims Court Criminal Court Immigration Court Municipal [...]

Joan Rivers and New York Wrongful Death

 Joan Rivers and New York Wrongful Death The Joan Rivers wrongful death case was quickly settled for an undisclosed sum with a strong admonition to the medical community for better practices in outpatient facilities.But still lingering, however, is a bigger elephant in the room that has yet to be addressed.Guest counsel, Marc Dittenhoeffer, Esq. to the [...]

Joan Rivers Settlement and Better Attorney Practices

Joan Rivers and Better Attorney Practices The tragic death of Joan Rivers was a shock to all of us and its subsequent investigation made us all wonder what went wrong? The short answer was a lot of things and perhaps conduct so egregious and disturbing, the defendant doctors wanted to settle this matter as [...]