What is a Preliminary Conference?

Representation for preliminary conferences in NY.For clients in a contested divorce, the preliminary conference is the first time you go to court for your divorce case. The preliminary conference is scheduled at the request of either attorney and takes place between four and six weeks of filing the request. Both attorneys and clients are required to attend this conference.

This preliminary conference allows the attorneys to meet with a New York State judge and prepare an order that will provide a schedule for the exchange of financial records and related information. They will also choose experts to evaluate the value of the property, business interests, retirement assets, licenses and degrees.

A judge can also address immediate issues regarding child support, spousal support and custody. If there is a disagreement, a judge will require a motion to formally determine the issue, while others might tell clients to come up with a schedule of parenting time or the court will conduct a hearing and choose the schedule for them.

Hire a Per Diem Attorney

At Per Diem Services Inc., we’ve been providing convenient, temporary per diem attorneys to law firms since 1999. This serves as a more affordable alternative to hiring expensive in-house counsel to cover routine items like conferences, motions and depositions. If you need representation for your preliminary conference, an experienced per diem attorney can represent you with less than one day’s notice. We’ll use our own office space and resources to prepare for your conference and at the conclusion of our services, we’ll promptly provide you with a report.

Our seasoned attorneys serve thousands of law firms in every county of New York State, so wherever you are located, we can be at your service in a matter of hours. We also offer per diem attorney coverage in Maryland, New Jersey and Florida. To learn more about per diem services and how we can help you at your preliminary conference in New York, call Per Diem Services Inc. today or fill out the online contact form.