Dr. Michael Katz Litigation

justiceJudge Kern dismisses defamation action in favor of Turkewitz & Freundlich.

As many of you are aware, a defamation action was brought by Dr. Michael Katz against Eric Turkewitz and myself for blog posts that related to legal proceedings that occurred before Justice Duane Hart in Supreme Queens. The significance of the recent dismissal by Judge Kern of the instant action is that it upholds our current law that protects the publication of a fair and true report of any judicial proceeding. The decision itself is a worthwhile read and provides a great insight into the explosive hot buttons of the underlying trial as well as some guidance as to what is protected free speech in New York.

It is my belief that the time is ripe for New York to enact Anti-Slapp legislation that would deter parties from filing frivolous lawsuits like this one and sanction them when they do. Here is the decision from the case: