Part 15 Rules, Bronx

Dear Counsel, See below for updated rules for Bronx Part 15, Justice Mary Ann Brigantti. PART 15 JUSTICE MARY ANN BRIGANTTI – AMENDED RULES (updated September 29, 2020) *EFFECTIVE OCTOBER 19, 2020* Discovery Conferences In compliance with statewide Administrative Orders, the parties are expected to complete outstanding discovery on pending matters using every available technology [...]

Moratorium On COVID-Related Residential Evictions Extended Until 1/1/2021

Dear Counsel, Governor Cuomo Announces Moratorium on COVID-Related Residential Evictions Will Be Extended Until January 1, 2021   Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced the State's Tenant Safe Harbor Act will be expanded until January 1, 2021 to protect additional residential tenants from eviction if they are suffering financial hardship during the COVID-19 public health emergency. The [...]

9th District Update Re. Auctions

Dear Counsel, Please see below for the latest information pertaining to Auction rules for the Ninth District. NEW AUCTION RULES FOR THE NINTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT EFFECTIVE OCTOBER 15, 2020 GENERAL FORECLOSURES The foreclosure rules currently in place will remain in effect. Please note the following rules with respect to auctions. These new auction rules shall [...]

Announc. Applications To Destroy An Expunged Marijuana Conviction Record

Dear Counsel, Administrative Judge Marks has recently announced application procedures to destroy an expunged marijuana conviction record. Court System Announces Application Procedure for Eligible Individuals Seeking to Destroy an Expunged Marijuana Conviction Record Under Recently Enacted NY Law NEW YORK–A state law passed last year to reduce penalties associated with marijuanarelated offenses. The law requires convictions [...]

Cuomo EO 09/18/2020

Dear Counsel, This weekend Governor Cuomo announced that the commercial eviction moratorium has been extended until October 20, 2020. This moratorium prohibits the initiation of a proceeding or enforcement of any eviction of any commercial tenant for nonpayment of rent or a foreclosure of any commercial mortgage for nonpayment of such mortgage. View the full details in the updated Executive [...]

NY County Med Mal Part Rules

Dear Counsel, Deputy Cheif Adminstratice Judge George J. Silver released new rules for New York County - Medical Malpractice Cases. The full memo can be found below with a link to all forms at the end. Click here for Judge Silver's full memo, click here for the PC Form, click here for the Stipulation Form and click here for PC [...]