Dear Counsel,

Finally, some good news.

Just now, the New York State Senate passed the repeal of Civil Rights Law 50(a). We expect the Assembly will pass this historic reform at any moment. This bold action will expose police abuses and treat law enforcement officials like all other public servants.

The repeal of 50(a) is one part of a sweeping criminal justice reform package, which includes bills that prohibit police chokeholds, mandates additional transparency, reporting and oversight of law enforcement and creates new civil rights causes of action for interference with recording police interactions, limiting detainee access to medical attention and for calling the police on someone because of their membership in a protected class when they have not violated the law.

Per Diem Services, Inc. supports members of the New York Sate legislature and their bills for criminal justice reform. We anticipate hearing that the New York State Assembly will pass their corresponding bill shortly followed by Governor Cuomo signing the legislation into law.

We will keep you updated as this story continues to develop.